Company Culture

Company Culture

Quality is our culture!

Service is our culture!

Do business with us, your money is safe, your business is safe.

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Humanized management is our culture!

In order to enrich the staff spare time, we are equipped with a variety of equipment:

such as billiards, basketball, television, bicycles, etc.Each dormitory pulled the cable,

you can free Internet access. We hold staff event every holiday and organize staff tour

from time to time

Quality is our culture!

-0% defective rate
-Aging test before shipping
-Testing the chips before Encapsulated
-Comply with ISO:9001 standard

All the goods will have the aging test before the shipment

Each production line with  QC members to check the quality and QC members to check the materials each day

Factory is easy to control the cost and quality and delivery time.


Service is our culture!

We have one professional service team.

full-time customer service manager 24-hour caring service, timely and accurate response to inquiries.

reporting daily production, follow-up meticulous, to dispel doubts the hearts of customers.


Regular return visits to customers, focus on customer feedback, timely and effective solution to customer problems.


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